Illustrations by David Julian Lopez

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Transmigration of the Soul by Ling Jian

Victor Hugo, The Snake, 1866

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Honduran White Bat

updated post about jerry beefdad, formerly using the url beefmilk2


hi! y’all might remember that back in may, i made a post calling out jerry for being abusive towards my friend, who was 15 at the time (jerry was 19) — he was in a relationship with them and was emotionally manipulative, abusive, and solicited them for nudes. he also misgendered them when confronted about his behavior.

post will again be under a cut — please read at your own discretion, there will be discussion of emotional abuse, csa, manipulation, etc.

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Lita Cabellut: Trilogy of the Doubt #01, 2013.

Max Ernst ~ “Euklides”, 1945


Caricatures of Death Personified

From a pre-Revolutionary magazine, first published in Russia in 1906. Illustrations by Boris Kustodiev.

Personifications of death included depictions of the devastating 1906 drought and ensuing famine, and the ravages of cholera, in the midst of revolutionary uprisings in Moscow.

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